This book contains time-proven management remedies for organizations that need help, and need it right away. 

For Example:
 * Benchmarking & Auditing (including checklists)
 * Risk Management and Gap Analysis
 * Strategic Planning, Goals and Objectives
 * Due Diligence and Accountability
 * Corporate Responsibility and Character
 * Quality and Environmental Management
 * Many more subjects. 

 Providing the professional  management consulting services since 1993. 

This is the second edition of my second book (pictured above). It was written so that executives like YOU could have straightforward, no-nonsense material, ready to implement. CEOs and other responsible people in leadership positions don’t always have time to do their own research.  Instead, they throw themselves on the mercy of contractors, who think in terms of yearly contracts.  The topics and chapters in this book cover the areas on which executives need to focus, and focus right away.  The book includes checklists that I prepared and used successfully over the years.  They will give YOU performance standards to help to assess (or perhaps create) structure and discipline in your organization.  For example:

Chapter 4 on Metrics and Measures of Effectiveness discusses the importance of both quantifying present or planned operations or processes and doing it in a way that provides nearly “dashboard-like” feedback. Courses of action should bring with them the metrics and controls that ensure that they are implemented, effective, and that the associated effort is commensurate with the potential risk to the mission or process. 

Chapter 5 on Benchmarking discusses how to identify and analyze gaps between actual and expected/required outcomes in a process or operation. 

Chapter 6 on Material and Non-Material Solutions leads the reader to consider how much may be done without expending limited time and funding on procuring new technology or on R&D.

Chapter 7 on Synergy and Innovation discusses how the development and implementation of one course of action may improve several different areas or improve one area by an amount greater than expected. COAs should always be developed with thought to potential synergies. 

Chapter 8 on Cost-Benefit Analysis gives you a quick way to screen initiatives for practicality and affordability.

Chapter 9 on Risk Management takes you beyond assessing risk - it helps you mitigate or eliminate it. You will "game" actions before you obligate any time, people, or funds.

Fixes That Last - The Executive's Guide to Fix It or Lose It Management