Corporate responsibility and organizational character have become an international concern. Customers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders want organizations to show integrity and ethical commitment. As a result, corporations are now being held accountable to high standards of ethical compliance and for the impact of their processes on the environment.  This is where I can help you like I have helped others.  

I co-created MVO 8000 to work with an organization’s character rather than of its product, and allow YOUR organization to:

Becoming the Best Possible Neighbor
Organizational Character – Becoming the Best Possible Neighbor

  • Create a corporate culture that promotes ethical conduct and makes it a way of life
  • •  Make a promise and keep it
  • •   Be open and honest in all its dealings, with no trade-offs or cut corners 
  • *  Show the greatest possible respect to employees and customers
  • •  Take seriously its responsibility to the community – however large or small• Practice environmental husbandry and conservation 
  • *  Practice responsible risk management and prioritization, in order to critically and narrowly define and mitigate risk
  • •  Develop meaningful metrics and performance indicators
  • •  Bullet-proof customer relationships
  • •  Effectively self-audit, and not rely on outsiders
  • *  Apply its organizational character to the future in both strategic planning and the selection and development of its next generation of leadership.

Even the best organization can be made better, and this book will show you how.