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Integrated Management System

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"The Executive's Guide to Creating and Implementing an  

The major ISO Standards are alike in many ways and impose the same requirements – many of which can be combined. Risk Management is a perfect example, followed by Internal Auditing, Documentation, and Management Review.

When the ISO Standards are combined synergistically (i.e., integrated), the “value add” makes the Standards greater than if they were all independent of each other.

Audits, like the inspections of old, can be nothing more than “snapshots” of a condition. The picture you get today may suggest something about yesterday, but nothing definite about tomorrow. 

If Management (not to mention the ISO Registrar) expects its people to conform simultaneously to the requirements of several Standards, it is not unreasonable that they be operating together; and that “simultaneous” audits and reviews be part of the strategy.

This book (pictured above)  explains the concept, the strategy, and the implementation process for an effective integrated management system or “IMS”.