More than ever, YOU need to recognize and accept total (if previously unseen) responsibility for yourself and your organization.  It is neither easy, nor automatic. 

Reliance on outsiders, to the exclusion of self-auditing and internal controls, inevitably leads to disaster. YOU can do the job better:  audit yourself, fix what you find, follow up on the fixes, and don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.

In recent years, even the most overconfident CEOs have acknowledged the importance of disciplined management practices such as Auditing, Feedback, Follow-up, and (above all) Accountability.  

In those same recent years, monumental company failures have underscored the need and created the requirement for CEOs and CFOs to satisfy themselves and attest in writing regarding the veracity of their documentation.

Leaders don’t always have time to do their own research, so I’ve done it for YOU. It’s all in these books, ready to implement. Check them out. 


My first book will help YOU succeed across a spectrum of challenges that include, in addition to building a business:
Community responsibility
Employee health, safety and quality of life
Environmental compliance.

It will give you everything you need to build (by yourself) a robust Corporate Responsibility Management (CRM) Program for your organization, including:
An auditable CRM Standard, plus implementation guidance
A template CRM personnel manual
A Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct
Self-audit checklists (including Sarbanes-Oxley).


  My second book will give YOU hands on help right away with:
Benchmarking & Auditing (w/ checklists)
Risk Management, Gap and Break-even Analyses
Strategic Planning and meaningful goals and objectives
Due Diligence (w/checklist)
Corporate Responsibility and Company Character
Quality and Environmental Management 
Material and non-material solutions
Contract Management
Business plans and Business Continuity Management
Building buy-in and commitment 
Resource allocation
Many more proven management tools and healthy choices. 

Lead the right way, by building up your people. Teach them how to think; don’t tell them what to think, and then watch as the things get better. 

As a decision maker, YOU will need to apply metrics and measures of effectiveness. This book shows you how to successfully handle:
Information collection and dissemination
Risk (threat, criticality, and vulnerability), and the proper allocation of limited resources
Optimal data collection and reporting procedures
Monitoring the status of organizational goals and objectives
Alternative courses of action, material and non-material solutions
Situational awareness (internal and external).

The premise of this book and my reason for creating it is simple:
    Organizations, large and small, public or private, can audit themselves more credibly and effectively than outside auditors, registrars, or consultants
    Reaching a state of profitability is not enough - organizations need a corporate character, that identifies it as god neighbor and responsible member of society
    Our organizations, in fact our very lives, are in danger today from both physical and cyber attacks. 


1. Our organizations (large and small – public and private) and, in fact, our lives are in danger from both physical and cyber-attacks, because we remain incredibly uneducated, unstructured, and vulnerable, when it comes to threats to their security.
2. Organizational Security can be upgraded profoundly through a well-developed program of internal and outside audits. 
3. Similar or co-located organizations can combine resources synergistically. That is, the whole of the effort will be greater than the sum of its parts.  
I have kept this work as compact as possible, so as to minimize reading time and maximize productivity. I write for no-nonsense managers with big responsibilities and limited resources. I refer often to four excellent ISO International Standards. They offer guidance for structuring effective management programs rapidly, regardless of whether or not organizations desire certification by accreditation bodies. I invite you to use my approach to Risk Management. You will find it an effective and uncomplicated method for developing and monitoring your strategic plans.

Developing a security “mindset”, using the checklists provided, and taking action on your findings will improve your security posture – immediately and continuously.

                                                                   Book 5 

The premise of this book and my reason for creating it is simple: 

1. Many ISO-certified organizations do not maximize the benefits of their (now) institutionalized focus on Management Review, Internal Auditing, Continual Improvement, and Customer Feedback;
2. ISO-generated records and reports (although getting better) should either be self-justifying, useful, management tools, or they should be dropped.
3. Achieving a “conforming product” is just the beginning. In fact, “conformance with specification” is antithetical to “continuous improvement”.  
4. Profitability is no longer the only metric. Organizations have many other responsibilities – to themselves, employees, stakeholders, regulatory bodies in particular and the community in general. 
5. Management (regardless of the scenario) contains an “Ethical Imperative”. There is no longer justification (or even possibility) of a CEO or a Board NOT knowing of the existence of either a shortcoming or a short cut. 
6. I want to help all of you to “harden” your organizations against the clear and present danger of cyber-warfare in all its forms.

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